There are 3 doll collections.

The oldest is an historical one produced by students and instructors in the 1940s and is very fragile.  The second  is of VGH uniforms and was made by Kirstine (Adam) Griffith class of 1944. It too is fragile and so a decision was made to replicate it and a 3rd collection has been added.  These new dolls are in a plastic display case so they can be displayed safely.  The entire collection has been photographed and the majority of photographs can be seen in the galleries below.

New Dolls

9 new dolls were created in 2010. Each uniform was expertly crafted and hand-sewn by Sheila Zerr, an active member of the BC History of Nursing Society.

Historic Dolls

VGH School of Nursing Alumnae Historical Dolls Collection