01. The VGH School of Nursing Alumnae Bursaries for Graduates and Their Descendants

VGH School of Nursing Alumnae Association is pleased to be able to provide bursaries to:

  1. VGH and UBC/VGH Collaborative graduates AND
  2. Descendants of  VGH and UBC/VGH Collaborative graduates as they pursue further education. The funding for the bursaries is based on the annual interest accrued from the Harvey/Cain Endowment Fund, the Eileen Lewis Johnston Memorial Fund, the Grace Sterling Smith Fund, the Margaret Faulkner Fund, individual donations, and the Alumnae Association Education funds.

The awards are made on an annual basis after the completed applications is submitted by September 30. The application form is available on the website below or by calling the Alumnae Office at 604-875-4111, local 62049.

Notes for 2023 Application Process

The VGHSON Alumnae Education Committee would like to inform members of important changes in the Bursary Award Program.

  • We realize that school costs are significant.
  • Effective, with the 2023 Bursary eligibility requirements, there is no longer a discrimination between full time and part-time status.
  • There is just one form for VGH & UBC/VGH Collaborative grads and/or their Descendants.
  • You are now able to submit your application online at

Please read the information and instructions carefully.

Revised information sheets and application forms can be found at:

02. The VGH School of Nursing Alumnae Bursary at the Registered Nurses Foundation of BC.

The VGH School of Nursing Alumnae Bursary at the RNFBC was created in 1984 with an initial gift of $5,000.

Since then there have been additional gifts from the Alumnae Association in 1987 and 1995. In 1998, Margaret (McCutcheon) Wildman, who graduated in 1935, gave another donation and then in 2002 a donation was given from the proceeds from the sale of the VGH Manor.

The Vancouver City Hospital Training School for Nurses commenced in 1899. The name was changed in 1902 to the VGH Training School. A combined UBC/VGH nursing program commenced in 1919 and existed until 1958 when UBC implemented its own undergraduate program.

In 1989, a collaborative nursing program was established with the UBC School of Nursing. The last VGH class graduated in 1991. Until May, 1998, the students graduated with a BSN degree from UBC. At that time, VGH withdrew funding for the collaborative program.  In 99 years the school graduated 8,768 new nurses.

The initial bursary was designated for graduates of the VGH School of Nursing and the UBC/VGH Collaborative program, but as the programs ended the bursary was revised to include the children of graduates.

  • Bursary applications can be obtained from www.rnfbc.ca
  • The deadline for applications is September 15th each year