A Long Tradition

Pins & Medals

We have an impressive collection of pins and medals which were valued  by all who received them.

In 1901, the first graduation class received diplomas and “medals” and the oldest pin in our collection – 1906 -belonged to Jane B. Rose.  The name and year of graduation were engraved on the back and the design remained relatively unchanged over the years.

Students wore a bar pin and as no names nor dates were added, it is difficult to determine their age – 1919 is our oldest one. Special medals were awarded to graduating students such as The George E. Seldon and The Alison Cumming Medals, first presented in 1917. The R.E. McKechnie Medal for General Proficiency was awarded for many years.  These will be photographed and added soon. Some classes elected to have class pins and rings. We do have examples for you to see. Other interesting items are pins belonging to specific nurses, such as Grace Fairley, Director of Nursing –1929-1943. We hope you enjoy viewing this collection of pins and medals so treasured by those who received them. A heartfelt thank you to all donors.

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