Deadline reminder – Bursary Applications are due Sept 30 Please apply soon

The VGHSON Alumnae Education Committee announces changes to the Bursary Award Program for 2023.

The VGHSON Alumnae Education Committee would like to inform members of important changes in the Bursary Award Program.

  • Effective with the 2023 Bursary eligibility requirements, there no longer will be a discrimination between full time and part-time status.
  • Regardless if you are a fulltime or a part-time student, we realize that your costs are significant.
  • To make applying easier there is just one form for VGH & UBC/VGH Collaborative grads and Descendants of VGH & UBC/VGH grads.

Please read the information and instructions carefully.

Another change is that you are now able to submit your application online at Please check our revised information sheets and application forms found at


Preserving our Legacy

With a focus on preserving our legacy as one of Canada’s premier nursing schools, we are dedicated and driven to continue to uphold and celebrate VGH School of Nursing graduates. Every graduate is welcome to join the Association by paying a nominal yearly membership fee.

Supporting Our Alumnae

A diverse group of committees under the direction of an elected Volunteer Executive manage the Association including, Archives, Education, Friendship, Membership and Publicity. Volunteers are always warmly welcome and needed so please consider volunteering today.

Staying Connected

Alumnae Members receive publications including our newsletter, and access to BursariesReunions are an important milestone in your history. Classes organize reunions around special anniversaries with support from the Assoc.

“I am so proud to be a VGH graduate.

It opened doors to exciting and rewarding experiences in my personal and professional life.”