The Roaring 20’s Fashion Show

A fundraising event for the benefit of the:

Children’s Surgical Program at the Saroti Regional Referral Hospital in Saroti, Uganda

Under the direction of General Surgeon Dr. Sister May Margaret Opio Ajiko


Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022

From 1 – 3 PM


Canadian Museum of Flight

Langley Regional Airport

Hangar 3 5333 216th Street

Langley, BC

Tickets and Contact

Admission $30 in advance

Text or Email
Michelle Fisher RN

(604) 728-7461

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Arriving at The Galiano Inn, the classmates enjoyed three days of memory sharing and lots of laughter. Dinner at The Hummingbird Pub was followed by the RCMP costumed escort and members in capes, caps, and scissors as Edythe arrived with The Torch. The self-appointed Health Clinic Nurses were presented with a Clinic Kit to ensure a safe night for all.

Gathering for breakfast the next day, the members completed quizzes, sang a revised Adjustment Song, opened Goody Bags, and heard Joan’s evaluation review complete with prizes. The Health Clinic was opened and several remedies were demonstrated before Ocean Potion was served to all.

Following Free Time to explore or relax, the group gathered near The Gazebo to hear and view Memories that some had never heard before.

Prior to dinner, a tribute to Charlotte Wynne was read and Moon River was sung. The Memorial Book was available for viewing. Following dinner, a new Alphabet for Seniors was presented and then The Squirelles Decades Tour channeling ABBA was revealed! The costumes and act were the highlight of the evening. Door prizes and special gifts were distributed.