A Long Tradition

About VGH School of Nursing

The first mention of an Alumnae reunion was in celebration of the 1923 graduating class – a resounding success.  Reunions continued to play a significant role as graduates gathered to share their memories.

Special reunions were held to mark milestones such as the School’s 50th anniversary in 1949, 75th in 1974 and the final closing of the School in 1998. Reunions continue as yearly events and an Annual Alumnae lunch is held in May attended by over 200 graduates.

The plight of nurses who became ill was uppermost in the minds of alums.  Efforts were undertaken to raise funds and in 1932, a Mutual Benefit Fund was established by the Association for members in good standing who paid an annual fee of $5.00. By 1938, $5,500 had been awarded. This fund operated until 1944, when other forms of health insurance were available.

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