My fourth novel, Wellspring of Love, was released in the spring with a very successful book launch in Langley. It is the third book in what I call my “Water series”, which includes Still Waters and Water in the Wilderness. If anyone is interested, they can get a copy through my publisher, Libros Libertad by e-mailing , or you can go to my website at

I dedicated Wellspring of Love to my dear friends and nursing classmates, the Robertson sisters — Diana MacKenzie and Donna Connell — who both passed away within the last 20 months. I am also attaching a poem I wrote recently. While trying to have an after-lunch nap one day, I was thinking instead of all the jobs I had to do. so I got up and wrote this little poem which I call “Hats”, for want of a more catchy name. It has appeared in our local papers and been sent out by numerous readers to their retired friends, especially nursing groups.

So here it is for our Alums. I do enjoy reading the Newsletter, and I’m glad you people are so faithful in keeping us all in touch.

Blessings, Doris Riedweg


As a graduate nurse I had a white cap,

and a uniform worn with much pride,

But then I replaced the cap with a veil

on the day I became a new bride.

When I opened the clothes cupboard in my new home,

I was really astonished to see

numerous hats that I’d never worn;

they were quite unfamiliar to me.

A housekeeper’s hat, and a cook’s hat were there;

a gardener’s hat filled me with fears.

But those are now tattered and almost worn out

as I’ve added more hats through the years.

A barber’s, a bookkeeper’s, chauffer’s and vet’s;

a farmer’s from winter through fall;

hats for a seamstress and laundress, of course,

and a diplomat’s hat tops them all.

Well, sometimes I shuffle and change them so much

those hats get all crumpled or worse.

Oh yes, I forgot – when a loved one is sick

I still wear the cap of a nurse.