Helen Sore was presented with the UBC Nursing Partnership Award at the second annual gala celebration and awards ceremony May 2 2013 at the UBC Museum of Anthropology. Close to 160 guests joined the School’s Director Dr. Suzanne Campbell for a special evening to celebrate the successes of the School and honour five exceptional award recipients.

Dr Suzanne Campbell made the following presentation.

The UBC Nursing Partnership Award recognises dedication and commitment to collaboration between the School and the wider community and this year we are pleased to recognize Helen Shore.

Upon meeting Helen, I realized that we were kindred spirits with our passion for nursing, our vision for public health care with nursing leadership positions, and our love of curricular and pedagogical conundrums. Helen graduated from UBC School of Nursing in 1961,earning a baccalaureate degree. Three years later in 1964, Helen joined the School of Nursing as a faculty member. For the next 27 years, Helen shared her passion for public Health and her expertise in nursing with fortunate UBC nursing students.

Helen was an active faculty member very involved in curriculum development at both the undergraduate and graduate level. She was a fierce advocate for the nursing voice in public policy and for ensuring that decision-makers of the day fully understood the unique contributions that nursing made to the solution of public health problems. She was a demanding and passionate educator and role model throughout all those years, never hesitant to challenge the status quo and always a proponent of nursing advocacy. Even many years into her retirement, she continues to ensure that public figures hear from nurses on important matters.

Helen has never lost the spirit of inquiry – she maintains an insatiable appetite for current events, and relishes a love for nursing history and historical analysis. I have heard it said that Helen’s capacity to maintain relationships, be an advocate for nursing and patient-centered care, and to role-model transformative leadership has inspired many a student and faculty member.

This year marks a decade of steadfast support to the School of Nursing through the Helen Shore Endowment fund. This funding has facilitated the completion of many wonderful initiatives to enhance the care of adults with chronic conditions. It has allowed faculty and graduate students to complete important pilot projects, many of which have led to larger grants. Through her generous support, community partnerships were developed that continue to grow and lead to improved nursing science, practice, and patient care. Associate Professor Emerita Helen Shore, for your sustained championing of nursing in the School and in the community, it is my distinct pleasure to recognize you with the 2013 Nursing Partnership Award.

Congratulations Helen!
Presented by Suzanne H. Campbell PhD, RN, WHNP, IBCLC