VGH School of Nursing Alumnae Association

In our 99 year history, VGH graduated 8,768 students..a legacy to celebrate and remember.

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We have a strong, active, and vibrant membership.

All VGH graduates are eligible to join.

With a focus on preserving our legacy as one of Canada’s premier nursing schools, we are dedicated and driven to continue to uphold and celebrate VGH School of Nursing graduates. Every graduate is welcome to join the Association by paying a nominal yearly membership fee.

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A diverse group of committees under the direction of an elected Volunteer Board of Directors manage the Association including, Archives, Education, Friendship, Membership and Publicity. Volunteers are always warmly welcome and needed so please consider volunteering today.

About the Alumnae Association


Alumnae Members receive publications including our newsletter, and access to BursariesReunions are an important milestone in your history. Classes organize reunions around special anniversaries with support from the Association.

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Our museum began over 30 years ago with the acquisition of a fully-functioning iron lung. It is still working, and our collection has grown to be very large.

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About Our Alumnae Association

Our Purpose is to provide an organization for the graduates of the VGH School of Nursing and the UBC/VGH Collaborative programs:

We rely on donations to support various programs including:

  • providing funds for bursaries.
  • honouring alumnae with the Distinguished Alumnae Awards.
  • publishing our newsletter for Alumnae and friends.

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