Submitted by: Gail McKay

Kathy Murphy and Gail McKayOn Friday May 4th 30 of us converged on the Lonsdale Quay Hotel to check in, register at our class table and especially catch up on our classmates’ news.  The chatting and laughter continued all evening (with most of us squeezed into one room) and was only interrupted by a tasty dinner at the Cheshire Cheese Restaurant right at the Quay.  Memories of “Remember when in training we couldn’t have our hair lines touch our collars” or “Sneaking through the tunnels at night to dodge the matron if we were late for curfew”.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and many of us took long walks, shopped or just hung out at the Quay.  We all met for dinner at the Lobby Restaurant in the Pinnacle Hotel about a half block away for a delicious dinner in a pleasant setting.  More chatting and laughing followed.

Sunday we all met for breakfast, checked out of the hotel, and headed over to the VGH Alumnae luncheon where we were to be honored guests.  What an enjoyable time we had meeting up with friends some of whom we hadn’t seen since we worked together in training.  We were made to feel so special. Thank you to the Alumnae committee!  The Alumnae president  – Kathy Murphy -then took us on an interesting tour of VGH especially the Archives room and the scary tunnels or what is left of them.

What a memorable, grand weekend we had, the class of Feb 62 for our 50th reunion!  We are already looking forward to our 55th.