33 of us got together for 2 days last Sept. at Harrison Hot Springs to celebrate our 45th.

Familiar faces, though grey hair predominates, many coming a long distance:  Lexi Hendricks from San Francisco, Lil (Harder) Macauley from Texas, Jocelyn (Todd) Holmes from Phoenix, Ginger (Harrison) MacDonald, to name a few.

Most of us are retired but a few not giving up quite so easily:  Lexi still in Labour and Delivery, Patsy (Wright) Farrar in the O.R….and more.

Casual meet and greet Thurs. night, a relaxing day or doing whatever on Friday and dinner Sat. night.  Not sure when the last person left the common room to retire for the night on Friday!!! But was definitely into the wee hours of the morning !

A huge thanks to Judy (Winn) Fitzsimmons for single-handedly putting this all together.

Watch for notice of our 50th, likely in the Spring of 2016.

Keep in touch.  Any changes in address etc.?  Notify Judy Fitzsimmons at HealthFitz@shaw.ca or Jacquie (Reed) Aird at rjaird@shaw.ca